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Snok is great for scaffolding out initial, un-opinionated structure for your python package.

Getting ready

First set up your local environment by creating a directory and activating a virtual environment:

Assuming you have python 3.11+ installed:

cd $HOME/Desktop
mkdir -p mypackage && cd mypackage
python -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate

You should see the path to your virtual environment now:

$ which python pip

Installing Snok

Install Snok with pip:

pip install snok

Check that snok was installed:


If you're using pyenv (recommended), you may have to rehash your shims

pyenv rehash

Creating a new package

Create a new package with:

snok new mypackage

Check that everything's ready to go!

snok ok

Now you're ready to start building your package!